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Making A Gold Pillow Tray | The Sound of Sculpting

Happy Monday Everyone! Finally, I finished everything for my upcoming solo show that I spent a whole year working on. I feel like for the past 3 years I was constantly overwhelmed with art shows and other projects, I really want to take a break from that and focus more on making videos. That being said, I have an idea for a new series! As a big fan of ASMR, I’m a fan of ASMR myself, and I’ve always found the sounds of making a sculpture quite relaxing and fascinating, so I figured I would record them for you guys. I was literally holding my breath while recording some of the footage haha. I wanna name it ‘The Sound Of Sculpting’ or ‘The Sound Of Making Art‘. Which one do you like better? If you guys have any name suggestions lemme know! Here is the first video for this series!

I would love to hear your feedback on this new idea! If you like this kind of video I would definitely get a better and more professional microphone for recording sounds. The sound quality in this video is not the best because it was recorded on my camera. I’m super excited about this idea and I really hope you guys enjoy it! This pillow tray is a gift for a friend so it’s not available.

Also, the opening of my solo show is on 7/11, this Saturday. Due to the pandemic, the gallery is going to do a “visual opening” aka a walkthrough live stream on their Instagram page. Please follow Corey Helford Gallery’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/coreyhelfordgallery/ if you want to watch the opening. 🙂


▶︎ FAQ

What type of clay do you use?
– Epoxy clay (Apoxie Sculpt, white).

What do you use to smooth out the clay?
– Water.

What spray paint did you use?
– Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint in Goldchrome.

What do you use to seal your sculptures?
Art resin.



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