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Live An Easy Life With These 13 Amazing Life Hacks!

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all knew DIY life hacks? Getting rid of that unpleasant smell in the fridge with ease or simply lighting a candle using a noodle, we bring you the best household life hacks that will make your life a little bit easier! Stay tuned, dear viewers, for these and many more smart DIY life hacks and household ideas!

0:00 Sharpen Knife
0:34 Spaghetti Match
1:03 Hanger Bookstand
1:49 Cork Re-Use
2:23 Vase Sand Stability
3:05 Fridge Smell Fix
3:49 Laundry Hoop
5:08 Towel Floor Mop
6:20 Straw Brush
7:21 Legs Hammock
8:15 Plastic Wrap For Fridge
9:05 Clean Yoga Mat
10:07 Toothpaste Marker

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