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Individuals with Penises Can Squirt, Too

Bobby Field | June 29, 2021

Class: Sexual Well being

As somebody who was voted “most pessimistic” in grade faculty, it appears it’s in my nature to be a skeptic. So after I was just lately knowledgeable that individuals with penises can squirt like folks with vulvas, my speedy response was to query its legitimacy. A method of penis-owners saying: “Properly, I can try this, too!”

Nonetheless, the one who knowledgeable me of this bodily phenomena, intercourse educator, Lola Jean, is extraordinarily credible. In reality, she at present holds the world report for quantity squirting. 

“Although I’ve not skilled it first-hand, the outline sounds similar to my (and others’) experiences as folks with vulvas,” Lola shares. “A number of accounts describe the sensation main as much as it ‘like a tickle’ and the act of squirting ‘like a unique sort of delight together with the feeling of a launch/reduction.’” 

To satiate my very own curiosity (and hopefully yours, too), I spoke with quite a few self-professed squirters in addition to a well being skilled and urologist on the mechanics of male squirting, which bodily fluids are concerned, and the perfect strategies to make it occur.

What’s In It?

My preliminary curiosity was to confirm the contents throughout the squirting fluid since that is additionally  extremely speculated amongst folks with vulvas. 

The greatest accessible analysis has discovered {that a} vulva-owner’s ejaculate comes from the Skene’s gland (often known as the “feminine prostate”), which comprises prostate particular antigen (PSA) and prostatic acid phosphatase, in addition to some parts of urine.

For folks with penises, nonetheless, urologist Justin Houman, MD, confirms that the fluid is, the truth is, 100% urine. 

“Throughout a typical orgasm, the pelvic ground muscle contracts, which triggers the prostate, seminal vesicles, and testicles, to launch the assorted parts of semen,” he explains. “Nonetheless, throughout male squirting, the pelvic ground muscle contraction is so robust that it triggers the bladder to contract as nicely, making the bladder launch its saved urine as an involuntary contraction.”

Arys, 28, observes that when he squirts there are occasions that “it positively smells like pee,” including that it’ll usually happen when he masturbates previous to his morning pee. 

“It’s positively urine,” Jacob, 26, assures. “I’ll drink plenty of fluids simply so I’m in a position to squirt rather more from a full bladder as a result of it feels superb.”

What’s The Method?

Many squirters apply the same method utilizing the palm of their arms on the tip of the glans (or head) of the penis. They name this the “overstimulation technique.” (Attention-grabbing reality: this system has additionally confirmed to assist penis-havers with shy bladders urinate in public areas, like urinals.)

That is probably the most typical method as a result of it’s going to most certainly set off robust contraction of the prostate and pelvic ground muscle tissues, which ends up in bladder contraction and ‘male squirting,’” Houman says, including that people who aren’t circumcised might need a neater time squirting for the reason that pores and skin and glans is extra delicate.

“First, I take advantage of lube; or in my case, spit,” Eren, 18, who posts squirting movies on Pornhub below the username Amateurswissguy, tells LELO. “Then I begin rubbing the lube/spit all around the tip of my penis.”

Eren strongly encourages that individuals use lube, because it retains the pinnacle of your penis slippery, which is necessary since that is the place many of the motion takes place. He then strokes his shaft for a minute or two, turning into absolutely erect, and begins rubbing the tip of his penis utilizing the palm of his hand in small round motions. 

After about 5 to seven minutes, Eren describes that the stress and squirting sensation turns into stronger and ultimately, he squirts, describing the feeling as a combination between “the urge to pee and an orgasm.” 

After all, all people is completely different and strategies will differ. Jake, 29, finds it’s best to squirt proper after he has ejaculated. Utilizing lube and “cuffing your hand and swivelling it round,” Jake (or a accomplice) will proceed stimulating his glans post-orgasm “for an insufferable 15 seconds,” the place he’ll really feel “faintly orgasmic, however principally delicate,” earlier than experiencing an amazing urge to pee. 

Others discover that anal stimulation helps deliver them over the sting. “I used to be taking part in with my toys and getting tough (in a great way) and I felt the urge to push out, like pushing out a crap, whereas thrusting the toy in me,” Jacob recollects of his first time squirting. 

Dr. Houman explains that, as a result of anal play can stimulate the pelvic ground muscle tissues, it might probably encourage a stronger bladder contraction.

What Does It Really feel Like?

The final consensus is that squirting looks like a combination between “almost orgasmic” and needing to pee. 

“It looks like your physique is having an orgasm with contractions and facial expressions, however the feeling in your dick is much like peeing,” Eren expresses.

Arys provides that, whereas it does really feel superb, it’s additionally uncomfortable, describing the feeling as “the identical uncomfortable feeling one will get when somebody retains sucking your cock while you’ve orgasmed.”  

Nonetheless, as is true with feminine squirting, not all people can do it. “Only a small fraction of individuals have the power to set off their bladder to contract throughout orgasm,” Dr. Houman says. “Some folks have the potential to do it, however it isn’t one thing that may be practiced.” 

So if you happen to’re curious to attempt squirting, attempt doing so utilizing the above strategies. If, attempt as you would possibly, you may’t spurt like a water fountain, don’t be too exhausting on your self. A minimum of you don’t need to tidy up afterwards. 

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