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I tried making ‘Ronghua绒花’ aka velvet flower for the FIRST TIME!

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It took me two days to make these lol. I first knew about Ronghua in 2018 from the popular Cdrama ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’. It’s an ancient Chinese craft dating back to the Tang Dynasty for making beautiful floral or animal-shaped accessories out of silk threads. I’ve always wanted to try making Ronghua, but it was so much more difficult than I thought. It requires a lot of skills and practice. I have so much respect for the artisans who are keeping the traditional art alive.

I studied the making process of Ronghua on a Chinese social media app called ‘Xiaohongshu小红书’ aka RED. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Ronghua in the western media. These are some articles I found during my research if you are interested in learning more about it:
‣ https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/nanjing-handicrafts/index.html
‣ https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201805/30/WS5b0e1b3aa31001b82571d2a8_1.html
‣ https://industrialhistoryhk.org/38520-2/


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0:00 – Skillshare
1:09 – Hello spring
1:48 – Splitting
3:01 – Organizing
3:18 – Brushing
3:42 – Wrapping
4:16 – Twisting
4:42 – Shaping
5:12 – Flattening
5:57 – Assembling
6:46 – Modeling
7:15 – Making leaves
9:51 – Making butterfly
11:33 – Finished

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