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How to Use Social Media as an Actor (and still stay happy)

How to Use Social Media as an Actor (and still stay happy). Many actors have a love-hate relationship with their social media. On one hand, it’s an uh-mazing tool for staying top of mind with people you’ve already worked with as an actor and fantastic for expanding your network of new contacts in the business. But it can be hard to stay sane when your newsfeed is filled with natural disasters, shootings and political rants 24/7. So how can you be happy about being on social media when your feed is getting you down? By being in TOTAL CONTROL of your social media for your acting career. Learn to control these 5 things in this video and you’ll rise above the anger and insanity in your stream.

Other YouTube videos/Resources mentioned:
⭐How to create a Twitter List: https://youtu.be/PMItE7-FFCU
⭐Free Social Media Guide for Actors: http://marketing4actors.com/ebook/

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Heidi Dean

Link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/T7Brn9p9WVA

Music: The Morning’s on Fire – By: Isobelle Walton

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